19 - 21 March, 2021

Hackathon Cover

HackNITR 3.0

Flagship hackathon of NIT Rourkela

HackNITR 3.0 is one of a kind hackathon brought to you by OpenCode and DSC NIT Rourkela. A unique opportunity to bring out your ideas and technological skills to win awesome prizes and swags.

Why Participate in HackNITR 3.0 ?

Build for community.

Find solutions and build for the social good.

Innovate with new technologies

Execute amazing projects by employing latest tech stack

Awesome schwags

Submit a valid hack to win awesome schwags


Gaurav Sen

Founder of InterviewReady, Ex-Uber

Gaurav is a Software Engineer and a Content Creator. His YouTube channel on system design and algorithms boasts more than 300k subscribers.

Juan Pablo Flores

Student Program Manager, Github Education

Juan is a Program Manager at the GitHub Education Team, where he supports student leaders to build and grow local technical communities in their schools.

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Logan Kilpatrick

Software Engineer at Apple, Julia Language Community Manager

Logan currently splits his time between a number of professional commitments he is passionate about. He spends majority of his free time thinking and building things for the Julia Community.

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Nikita Gandhi

Community Manager at Google Developers

Nikita is a part of Developer Ecosystem team at Google. She is extremely passionate about spreading technical knowledge with masses online and offline.

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Michael Paulson

Senior Software Engineer, Netflix

Michael Paulson aka ThePrimeagen is a Twitch streamer that focuses on the joy of programming and creating experiences that encourage and excite people for engineering.

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Headstart to Competitive Programming

Sanket Singh

Software Development Engineer, LinkedIn

Experience the programming world through a hands-on workshop with CodeChef.

AWS For Developers

Suman Debnath

Principal Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services based in India

An introductory workshop on the Amazon Web Services platform for developers by the Principal developer advocate of Amazon Web Services based in India.

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Society cannot exist without incessant and necessary changes, and these changes are best brought about by who else other than budding hackers? It’s not just an interesting field to contribute to but also a sense of responsibility for the human being you are and putting your mind in something which may well make this society a better place to live around. This is a chance to showcase your skills and present your hacks revolving around anything that can do this society a collective good in one way or the other!



This track covers the fun and entertainment side of your creativity and lets you dive into a world of immense opportunities of traversing your favourite stuff while adding some innovative touch to it. The fun and entertainment category desires you to present your hacks which may well be used for making your head light, or a tweak of excitement in a wearisome period, or just something ‘funny and entertaining” to people around!



One always has something lying behind and beneath that one wants to bring into spotlight and let the world know of their capabilities. This segment is for bringing out the gem of your projects out of the inventory that you’ve already worked upon in the , and put some light to it. It can revolve around anything, and would be great to showcase your development as sprouting hacker!



The ‘Make anything’ category of our event, this asks for the hacks which advance a whole new idea out from the grassroots level. The hacks need to be offering some ingenious ideas over any field they are directed towards, and will bring the best out of one’s hacking artistry. As we know, everyone wants this world to be a more convenient and easier place to live in, and your innovations can prove to be an essential catalyst in precisely that!


Overall Winner get prizes worth $2400

All women team get prizes worth $2200

Social Good

Winner in this track gets prizes worth $1600

Fun & Entertainment

Winner in this track gets prizes worth $1600

Old Hacks

Winner in this track gets prizes worth $1600

Open Innovation

Winner in this track gets prizes worth $1600

Best hack built with Matic

Rs. 15,000

Best hack built with Tezos

Rs. 20,000

Best hack built with Portis

Rs. 15,000

Best hack built with EchoAR


Best hack built with ML and SashiDo

3 special prizes to top three winners

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