Hola Hackers 👋

Important links

Free Resources worth USD126k & stickers for all.

  • Codex: Free 3 months trial subscription
  • EchoAR: 1 month free business Tier Access
  • Invision: Upgrade for 3 months
  • Matic: Lifetime Premium Plan
  • Voiceflow: PRO access for 6 months
  • Taskade:Upgrade to Taskade unlimited
  • Sashido:Sashido Platform Credits
  • Wolfram:Wolfram|One for thirty days
Join our Discord server and check out the #resources channel to claim all the above resources 🚀

Submission Requirements:

  • You must submit a 2-minute (max) video demo! Mention the services by our sponsors you used and the tracks you are applying for in the introduction of the video.
  • The video should demonstrate your project and not be a presentation or pitch.
  • You must link to a public code repository for your project.
  • The project should be entirely built during the hackathon hours (except for the hack which is built under the Old Hacks Track).

Pathways & Guide

In case of any further queries, DM us on any of our social media handles mentioned below or write a mail to organiser@hacknitr.tech